by Reignition

Reignition's recent signing, Dead Girls Ruin Everything, have set a February 21st release date for their upcoming full length, What A Perfect Ending. The band includes 2/3 of Ultimate Fakebook and members of Lawrence, Kansas' Podstar.

The label describes the band as ' the best parts of Replacements' albums like "Let It Be" with Elvis Costello show-stoppers from "This Year's Model."' The band will release What a Perfect Ending, their first full length for the label this fall. Three tracks can be found on the band's myspace page.

Ultimate Fakebook broke up in 2004.

  1. Hot Blonde
  2. All Is Forgotten
  3. Never Too Late
  4. What A Perfect Ending
  5. Had It With You
  6. This Amp Goes To Zero
  7. Make Me Smile
  8. Take The First Shot
  9. On A Lonely Note
  10. Short Fuse
  11. I Don't Want to Wake Up
  12. Dropped Catch