by Island

Information continues to come in about the upcoming full length from Thursday. The album will be their second for Island Records and follow up to 2003's War All The Time.

Some more details have also come out about the bands previously announced collaborative track. Currently titled "A City by the Light Divided," for which the band has approached seven bands including the Blood Brothers, Converge, Cursive and the Blackout Pact. They hope to have a true collaboration rather than just the exchange of vocals.

Beyond that, the band is planning to deliver 12 songs including "At This Velocity," "The Love Song Writer" and "Into the Blinding Light" to their label on March 1st. He compared the new album with their last saying:

With [War All the Time], it was sort of us really trying to build one color and have it be like this impenetrable, deep, dark place. [The next record] almost feels like the polar opposite -- trying to explode into a thousand different colors.

The band is recording with producer Dave Fridmann and will be supporting the album on the Warped Tour and select dates on the Taste of Chaos tour.