Nettwerk Music Group, a Canadian management group and record label will be supporting an accused music downloader in a lawsuit against the RIAA. The suit, brought by the trade organization, argues that 15 year-old Elisa Greubel had 600 tracks shared on a family computer. The group has demanded that Greubel pay a $9,000 stipulated judgment as a penalty, though it will accept $4,500 should Greubel concede in a specific period of time.

Nettwerk became involved in the battle against the RIAA after Elisa contacted MC Lars, an artist represented by the company. She had this to say:

My family is one of many seemingly randomly chosen families to be sued by the RIAA. No fun. You can't fight them, trying could possibly cost us millions. The line 'they sue little kids downloading hit songs', basically sums a lot of the whole thing up. I'm not saying it is right to download but the whole lawsuit business is a tad bit outrageous.

Chicago-based Mudd Law Offices will take on the legal battle which is among thousands of so-called John Doe lawsuits where the RIAA issued subpoenas to various Internet Service Providers (ISPs). These ISPs include commercial, academic, and private providers of internet service.

Besides paying for the legal team, Nettwerk has also agreed to pay any fines should they lose the lawsuit.

In addition to MC Lars, Nettwerk represents artists including Gob, Sum 41, Men Women & Children, Pezz (Billy Talent) and Brand New.