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Dim Mak has announced plans to release two full lengths on February 21st. The first comes from transcontinental punk act Das Oath who will release the follow up to 2004's Das Oath. The album is titled Mini LP.

Due out the same day is As Templar Nites the debut from Soul She Said. The band is a project featuring The Icarus Line's Joe Cardamone and Don Devore (ex Ink and Dagger). The band released Rub The Sleep Out in 2003 via Buddyhead Records.

You can check out a Das Oath track from Mini LP here: "You Will Never Never Know Me. " and a track from Souls She Said is here: "Floor on the Floor."

Souls She Said: As Template Nites

  1. Sunken City
  2. Floor on the Floor
  3. Riverbloat
  4. Tastefaker
  5. Cause, I Can’t Find A Place in Hell
  6. Rub the Sleep Out
  7. Distralia
  8. When Men Were Free
  9. Oct 21

Das Oath: Mini LP
  1. You Will Never Never Never Never Know Me
  2. Quicklime
  3. Stand Atop The Precipice And Give The Boulder a Tap
  4. Tightened, Solidified, Cracking
  5. Whim
  6. Occupant/Applicant
  7. Only Us Fakes Get All The Breaks
  8. Don't Leave Anything Anywhere It Will Disappear
  9. Mouldering