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1-2-3-4 Go! Records have some updates up their sleeves.

Drunken Boat will be releasing their self-titled debut CD on August 8th. The label promises that you can snag the album earlier through the band and the label in June and July however. You can preview tracks from the album at the label's Myspace page.

The final tracks for their tribute to the Replacements, We'll Inherit the Earth! have been recorded and are in the process of being mastered. The final list of artists contributing unreleased tracks includes The Ergs, Hi Ho Six Shooter, Basement Black, Drunken Boat, Off With Their Heads, Blotto, Modern Machines, Bay of Pigs (Johnny from the Swingin Utters), The Tim Version, Tiltwheel, Whiskey Sunday, North Lincoln, The Obsoletes, Against Me!, J. Page, Thomas Barnett & Rob Huddleston, The Urchin, This is My Fist, Drag The River, The Queers, The Draft, Jason White (Influents/Green Day) and Almighty Do Me a Favor!.

Their previously announced split between Off With Their Heads and Black Cougar Shock Unit has been changed to a split between Off With Their Heads and J-Church due to BSCU apparently no longer playing together. The split is expected in June or July.

The label has also launched a webstore for their distro service.