Green Day recent spoke to MTV about their next album. The band wrapped up touring in support of their multi-platinum 2004 full length American Idiot earlier this year and have been home hashing out ideas and working on unnamed "projects."

According to bassist Mike Dirnt:

For us, everything that we do is completely, 100 percent passion- and energy-driven, so however we're going to come out with our next album, just be certain it's going to be an event, not just putting a record out, At this point, to put a record out with like 12 songs on it and turn it in sounds a bit boring for us. So we want to definitely make something that is well thought-out and [that] all of our blood is put into.

The band has already starting demoing but remains to be seen when this new record will see the light of day, as the time between Green Day releases has grown over the years. There was a three year span between 1997's Nimrod and 2000's Warning. While the band cast off many of their early stylistic limitations with that release, it took another four years for the ambitious rock opera of American Idiot to hit stores.

The band is also continuing to work on their film version of American Idiot, which the band originally announced in 2004. Frontman Billie Joe Armstrong added:

It's definitely unfolding. Every single week there's more ideas about doing a film for American Idiot, and it's definitely going to happen.