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Brian: While I haven't actually heard the album itself yet, I'm about 90% sure Capital will be delivering one of the year's best on July 25th with Signal Corps. The Long Island-based act writes passionate, creative and socially aware melodic punk rock / hardcore songs that easily match up to the veterans influencing their sound (Avail, Lifetime to name a few). Silent Majority fans will either be pleased to know or already in it reg arding the presence of SM vocalist Tommy Corrigan, who draws a bit from his former endeavor to complete the sound. I feel bad for anyone living outside of the band's region, since their live show is quite literally one of the most entertaining to be had, playing precisely on point while cracking all sorts of jokes Comedy Central writers wish they'd sat in on. The good folks at Iron Pier will be handling the release, and you can check out three tracks at the links here:

Capital - Wolverines
Capital - Emergency Broadcast
Capital - Meanwhile, Back in L.A… Justin: The Bay Area isn't neccessarily the focal point of the modern day punk scene with scenes in New Jersey and Long Island churning out chart toppers every day. However one of the best kept secrets of the fog-lands is the female-fronted This Is My Fist!, who have recently come out of hibernation for a tour to support their upcoming full length, A History of Rats. Drawing on local influences like Fifteen but not ignoring previous female-fronted outfits like Discount, the band has forged a familiar sound that manages to stand out on it's own. I just saw them at their warmup show for their return to touring after 10 months of hibernation. Definitely recommended, especially as rumors of their demise circle.

This Is My Fist! - Story of Reconversion This Is My Fist! - Hooray for the Home… This Is My Fist! - Your Filth, My Fury