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Brian: I've recently been rockin' Nakatomi Plaza's 2002 Immigrant Sun reissue of Private Property, an intriguing blend of muscular post-hardcore, sweet female vocals, and momentary straight hardcore nods. It's a hybrid the likes of which I haven't really heard from any other bands, and an efficient one at that. Check out 2 MP3s from the album below. The band also self-released the album Unsettled last year, which I haven't checked out yet but am likely to soon; check out songs from that album at the band's MySpace page.

Nakatomi Plaza - Meanwhile in Greenpoint Nakatomi Plaza - Bike Rock Revolution Justin: The Gaslight Anthem recently posted three demos from their upcoming release and I felt it a shame that they didn't get more attention. While they choose "indie" as their first categorization on Myspace, I feel "roots music" nails their sound, even if it is "rooted" in multiple styles. Mixing the southern leanings of Lucero with the rhythms of the Lawrence Arms and a hint of Against Me! in the intensity at times, the band is destined for great things. The three songs available showcase the range of their talent: a driving Chris Mccaughan guitar lead, a hip-moving country dedication to the bar, and a gruff whiskey-soaked lament. Rumor has it there's some big news on the horizon after being dropped by Eyeball, so take the time to make sure you can say "they were better when…"

The Gaslight Anthem on Myspace