Meg: 1905 are a band who I believe never recieved the recognition they deserve. I've chosen them as my MP3 of the Week in hopes that at least one person can discover or even re-discover the interesting and honest music 1905 made. The sometimes acoustic folk-sounding (listen to "Quote") band considered themselves a punk rock band extremely involved in the community. I chose to share with you my favorite 1905 track "Can't Change Everything." It begins slow and menacing with soft, melodic "oh's" from vocalist Jess, then immediately speeds up with overlapping, shrill screams of "Just because I can't change everything, doesn't mean I can't change anything." The song features the more aggressive side to Jess' vocal talents (think Kathy of Circle Takes the Square if you must) which balances with male vocals, and as per usual, has lyrics that express the need for change: "One brick today is one less for tomorrow." The track appears on their Exotic Fever release Voice. Both tracks are from an unofficial MySpace page for the band.

1905 - "Can't Change Everything" 1905 - "Quote" Aubin: One of the most consistently underrated acts on a truly solid label, progressive hardcore/proto-screamo act Hot Cross's recent signing to Equal Vision's Hope Division was both surprising and well-deserved. Though the band's recorded output only stretches back five years, the band members are veterans of acts including Saetia and YouAndI, and already released a series of genre-defying records including 2004's Fair Trades and Farewells.

This year, the band will be releasing their next full length and while the band is still mixing the album, you can check out two well-produced demos on their myspace page. Since this is the Mp3 of the Week, you can also check out a track from their last EP here:
Hot Cross - "Better a Corpse Than a Nun."