by Hydra Head

Hydrahead has set a September 26th, 2006 release date for their reissue of Unifying Themes Redux, the upcoming EP/7-inch compilation from hardcore innovators, Botch.

Originally released via Excursion Records in 2002, the collection since went out of print, but collects the earliest phases of the influential hardcore/metal act. Composed primarily of out-of-print EPs, unreleased tracks and the notable John Birch Conspiracy 7-inch which included the band's take on the theme from Conan the Barbarian.

Members went on to form a decidedly different set of bands including the math-influenced indie act Minus The Bear, the country tinged Roy and experimental hardcore act These Arms Are Snakes.

  1. God vs. Science
  2. Third Part in a Tragedy
  3. Inch by Inch
  4. O Fortuna
  5. Closure
  6. Contraction
  7. Ebb
  8. Stupid Me
  9. In Spite of This
  10. End of Discussion
  11. Wounded
  12. Liquored Up and Laid
  13. Leavers Take on Genesis
  14. Rock Lobster
  15. Frequenting Mass Transit
  16. Sudam