by Lobster

Lobster Records has announced plans to release Destination Point. The film is a surf film which will include Bobby Martinez, Tom Curren, Mick Fanning, Ratboy, Flea, Barney, Kelly Slater, The Malloy Brothers, Andy & Bruce Irons and was filmed on location in Tavarua, Hawaii, California, Indonesia and Mexico.

The DVD features a soundtrack with Pennywise, Over It, Ryan's Hope, Lorene Drive, Marathon and more. The disc is due to hit retail on September 19th and a trailer is available on YouTube right here.

  1. Pennywise - "No Way Out"
  2. Over It - "Avalanche"
  3. Ryan's Hope - "By The Sword"
  4. Ribsy's Nickel - "Good Girl"
  5. Civil Unrest - "Swept Away"
  6. Soccer Mom - "Came Around"
  7. First To Leave - "Stable Mind"
  8. Marathon - "Painting By Numbers"
  9. Dogball 05 - "Rio Fina"
  10. Over It - "Never Get Enough"
  11. The Distortions - "Exploding Teenage Body Parts"
  12. Lorene Drive - "A Song In The Key Of Sex"
  13. Ribsy's Nickel - "Lies"
  14. Days Like These - "Control Freak"
  15. Days Like These - "99 Cent Dreams"
  16. Lorene Drive - "Lip Service"
  17. Dub Congress - "Santa Cruz Dub"