Site Updates: tons of bands, event calendar, world browser

It seems like a good time to introduce some of the new features we've added to the site in the past few weeks.

Band Profiles

First, we recently reached the milestone of more than a thousand band profiles, each band has a list of related artists, their hometown and of course, the interviews, streaming music, and live and album reviews from elsewhere on the site all in one place. It's not just huge acts like Fall Out Boy and Bad Religion, but also less well known but still important ones like pg.99.

In each case, you can find other local bands, check out what other people who liked that band also liked, and submit your own ratings. Speaking of those, we recently passed the 100,000 ratings mark.

Event Calendar:

One other feature you might find interesting is our Calendar which basically consolidates each week or months released and tours in one place. For example, you can visit this page to see what tours are kicking off this week, what albums are coming out and browse through the calendar using a little thing which resembles a calendar.


Since we had hometowns, we figured it'd be cool to browse them on a map. So you can visit this page and browse by country, or by picking cities on a zoomable world map. We've got bands from the usual suspects like Illinois, but also from South Korea, Sweden and others.

Creepy Band Locator:

For increased creep factor, you can also visit our Bands Near Me page to find local bands from your town or region. We don't store any information about you from visiting that page, and you don't even need a login to try it.