by V2

The Blood Brothers have revealed the cover art for their upcoming album. Due out October 10th, the record is their fifth and is titled, Young Machetes.

The album is the follow up to 2004's Crimes and in the intervening time, members of the band also released Chandeliers in the Savannah and the Headlines single under the name Neon Blonde, as well as the eponymous EP from Head Wound City.

As reported earlier, the band recently entered the studio with producer Guy Picciotto, co-vocalist of legendary Washington D.C. band Fugazi, and producer of recent albums from The Gossip and Blonde Redhead. Sharing the production duties with Guy will be John Goodmanson, a veteran producer responsible for records from a diverse range of acts from Death Cab for Cutie to Sleater-Kinney. Goodmanson also co-produced Crimes along with the band themselves.

The band will be supporting the album with a Fall tour alongside Texas-based band And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead.

  1. Set Fire to the Face on Fire
  2. We Ride Skeletal Lightning
  3. Laser Life
  4. Camouflage, Camouflage
  5. You're the Dream Unicorn!
  6. Vital Beach
  7. Spit Shine Your Black Clouds
  8. 1, 2, 3, 4 Guitars
  9. Lift the Veil, Kiss the Tank
  10. Nausea Shreds Yr Head
  11. Rat Rider
  12. Johnny Ripper
  13. Huge Gold AK-47
  14. Street Wars/Exotic Foxholes
  15. Giant Swan