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Final details have been announced for the tribute to The Replacements. Work began on the project this past Spring and the album includes contributions from The Ergs, The Queers, Modern Machines, Against Me!, J.Page, The Draft, North Lincoln, Drag the River and many, many more making for 23 tracks in all.

A pre-order for the album has begun with early copies to ship with a full color poster, some of which will be signed by artist Cristy Road

Titled We'll Inherit the Earth!, the disc is due out October 3rd, 2006. A myspace page and website have also been launched for the disc.

The tribute comes shortly after the release of an official retrospective from the original band, titled Don't You Know Who I Think I Was? The Best of Replacements. That best-of release featured 20 tracks including two new songs recorded with the band's surviving lineup.

Though never successful in the mainstream, the loved and influential band, which formed in 1979, released seven albums and helped define the then fledgling Minneapolis punk rock scene along with Hüsker Dü and Soul Asylum . The band is also the subject of a detailed background in Our Band Could Be Your Life which also covered Fugazi, Minutemen and Sonic Youth.

  1. The Ergs - I'm in Trouble | MP3
  2. Hi Ho Six Shooter - If Only You Were Lonely | MP3
  3. Basement Black - Raised in the City | MP3
  4. Drunken Boat - Kids Don't Follow | MP3
  5. Off With Their Heads - Goddamn Job | MP3
  6. Blotto - Color Me Impressed | MP3
  7. Modern Machines - Whirly | MP3
  8. Druglords of the Avenues - Favorite Thing | MP3
  9. The Tim Version - Nowhere Is My Home | MP3
  10. The Queers - Unsatisfied | MP3
  11. Tiltwheel - Skyway | MP3
  12. Whiskey Sunday - Can't Hardly Wait | MP3
  13. North Lincoln - On The Bus | MP3
  14. The Obsoletes - Waitress In The Sky | MP3
  15. Against Me! - Bastards of Young | MP3
  16. Page - Left of the Dial | MP3
  17. The Draft - Little Mascara | MP3
  18. Thomas Barnett & Rob Huddleston - Here Comes a Regular | MP3
  19. Jason White - Torture | MP3
  20. The Urchin - Rock'n'Roll Ghost | MP3
  21. This is My Fist - Beer For Breakfast | MP3
  22. Drag The River - Portland | MP3
  23. Almighty Do Me a Favor - Treatment Bound | MP3