by Jade Tree

12xu writes "sad news from philadelphia. kid dyanmite has broken up becasue their singer jay schevchuck (also of the i stand alone zine) has left to make movies and stuff like that. I was skeptical when i was told this by a friend but it was on what i assume is their officail site but not at jade tree the last show is i beleive feb 15th at the new to be renamed, and relocated due to shit with the U of Penn, stalag 2000. lets all hope dan gets another band together and it lasts longer than his last two. " First Lifetime, now Kid Dynamite. Two great bands. Both involving Dr.Dan, and both gone. This is very, very bad news. Hopefully, we'll still be seeing the full length. (Weird, Jersey's Best Dancers, Lifetime's last album was also posthumous. )