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Thrice has revealed some more information about their ambitious double double album first mentioned in late July.

This is what they had to say:

We have started writing and recording a 4 disc concept record, with each disc being themed sonically and thematically to correspond with the four natural elements - earth, air, water and fire. The final record will have somewhere between 20 and 25 songs, divided between the 4 discs.

We are approaching the whole project in a new way for us, both writing and recording. Writing with these elements in mind, we are letting them shape the direction of the songs sonically and thematically. And for the first time, we're recording the record ourselves as we write it, freeing us up to change things as we go.

The band is promising to document the process with a special site for the record.

In addition to the recording, the band has also recently unveiled plans including a short October tour.