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In a blog-post, guitarist Jeff Worms has announced his parting ways with Sacramento hardcore-instrumental-jazz band Tera Melos. "We are all still friends," said Worms. "The guys made it clear that I could come back whenever (don't hold your breath), which is very sweet of them."

The remaining members will continue recording and touring in support their Springman Records debut, Tera Melos. The band has no current plans to search out a replacement for Worms, but is "open to getting a new member if the chemistry fits."

Thursday, September 07, 2006
Where's The Worm?

o.k., o.k., there is no easy way to put this so i will just put it……….

i quit tera melos. there done.

so, not quit like "take this job and stuck it up you're ass" an you are pissing in the coffee when no one is looking. more like " i love you guys but i am taking a break", the old "its not you, its me, jerry". whatever.

o.k., next part. its not going to be that wierd. i still will be hanging out at shows and around the tera melos camp, lending a hand where i can. i want to make it super clear that i don't hate anyone in the band. we are all still friends. seriously. in fact, some people have made mention of me being a ghost member. funny. also, the guys made it clear that i could come back whenever (don't hold your breath), which is very sweet of them, awe.

this has really felt like i am breaking up with a really hot stripper model girlfriend that all my friends really like. i have gotten the "why….what the hell are you doing!!" and they haven't even heard the new songs yet, which are probably going to make you shit blood. point is, don't call to talk, i am not depressed or out of my mind, i don't even own a shotgun, so i will be around. this band will change and morph into something you guys will love even more, and then it will change again. thats what makes what we do so great. i have always talked about the openness of the tera melos situation, this is just those thoughts manifested.

this isn't the end for me, i will be trying my hand at other art forms and still creating, hopefully in new ways..

in conclusion, i am so happy to have met so many rad people all over the western half of the country, and hope to keep those relationships operable. i guess i will call ben and go get a drink. and someone please put noltown on suicide watch.

love always,
jeff "the worm" worms.