Springman Records

Springman Records


Springman Records was a label from about 1996 until about 2006.

Some bands with releases on the label include:

Amazing Transparent Man, Big D and the Kids Table, Day at the Fair, Enda, Go Real Slow, The Groovie Ghoulies, Jason Webley, Nothing Substantial, Pain, The Phenomenauts, The Rum Diary, The Secretions, Shower with Goats, Sorry About the Fire, The Teenage Harlets, Tera Melos, Treephort, The Whyioughtas, and The Wunder Years The label was also known for a couple compilations such as the Punk Rock Strike series and the Rocky Horror Punk Rock Show.

A few years after the closure of Springman Records, the (ir)responsible parties started up their more recent project, the Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club.

Source: Avi Ehrlich