Contributed by Laurier, Posted by Hydra Head

Influential metal/hardcore act Botch has announced plans for another reissue of early material for this year. The band will be releasing their 1998 album, American Nervoso and had this to say about the record:

Botch are currently in the studio remixing American Nervoso. They plan on rerelease it with a bunch of extras (demos, extended versions of a couple of songs, the two opening measures of "hives" that accidentaly got clipped off in the original mastering, etc…). it'll be out early next year.

Tomorrow, the band will be releasing Unifying Themes Redux. Originally released via Excursion Records in 2002, the collection since went out of print, but collects the earliest phases of the influential hardcore/metal act. Composed primarily of out-of-print EPs, unreleased tracks and the notable John Birch Conspiracy 7-inch which included the band's take on the theme from Conan the Barbarian.