Brian: Whoa, it's Saturday night and I completely forgot I meant to type this up. So let's make it short: Weatherbox's upcoming EP, The Clearing, is good. Really good. Sure, there's obvious similarities to Criteria and label alum Say Anything, but plain and simple that's why I like it so much -- that and hooks capable of reeling in blue whales, soft/loud dynamics capable of setting fires at the bottom of the ocean and something else involving a nautical metaphor, I guess. This shit streets for real November 7th, but in the meantime check out a bonafide MP3 of the first track below, then go check out some demo versions at the band's MySpace.

Weatherbox - Snakes, Our Ground Aubin: To further Brian's "box" theme, I'd like to offer up Spokane, Washington-based Scatterbox (ex-Moral Crux). The band plays gritty, fast California-style punk rock with weathered vocals and poetic, but unpretentious lyrics. It's hard to describe, but if you like punk that can rightly be called "punk" and nothing else. You should check them out.

Four songs (myspace page).