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Just sorting out a few details of the Mojo purchase that a few people have been unclear on. Zomba records, not Jive, has purchased Mojo. Zomba is the parent company that owns several sub-labels, including Jive (Backstreet-Sync-Speares shyte) as well as Volcano (311, Tool) and others. Zomba purchased the Mojo label and it's bands' contracts. If a band is contracted to Mojo, then they are still contracted to Mojo, their parent company will just be Zomba and not Universal. Both bands, especially Reel Big Fish have complained about their contracts in the past, so this may not have been an entirely smooth "all parties satisfied" transition.An interesting but not necessarily connected sidenote: Our comrads at PunkBands.Com are reporting that Charlie Paulson has left Goldfinger for unknown reasons. Thanks to sXe_nick for the update.