by Hydra Head

Hydrahead has set a December 5th release date for 061502, the upcoming live CD/DVD package from Botch. The label had this to say about the release:

Seattle, Washington: The Showbox. June 15, 2002. Botch's final live performance. Possibly the tightest, hottest, sweetest show ever. All your favorite jams (fourteen in all); all those unstoppable riffs, all that blood, sweat and fear. See it for the first time all over again, under the white-hot blaze of the worklights, complete with pant-pissing bonus commentary and an audio CD of the complete performance. Plus a video for "St. Matthew Returns to the Womb." Plus a bunch of other cool shit that you'll have to discover for yourself.

Members went on to form a decidedly different set of bands including the math-influenced indie act Minus The Bear, the country tinged Roy and experimental hardcore act These Arms Are Snakes.