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Alkaline Trio has announced a delay for their upcoming rarities collection, Remains.

The band had this to say:

If you hear the shuffling of feet, it's just the zombies of the record industry taking their sweet time. Because of this, there will be no "Remains" this halloween (feel free to boo,hiss and weep now) - instead, the release will see the light of day in January.

Further to the original announcement, the band is now promising a DVD with the band's music videos, making-of footage and tour footage covering the past few years.

The latest announcement also includes some new additions to the track listing in the form of three live tracks.

  1. Hell Yes
  2. My Standard Break From Life
  3. Dead End Road
  4. Metro
  5. Jaked ON Green Beers
  6. Queen of Pain
  7. While You're Waiting
  8. Rooftops
  9. Old School Reasons
  10. Warbrain
  11. Fine Without You
  12. Hating Every Minute
  13. Dead and Broken
  14. Sadie
  15. If You Had a Bad Time
  16. Wait for the Blackout
  17. We Can Never Break Up
  18. Don't Say You Won't
  19. Buried
  20. Dethbed (Live)
  21. My Standard Break From Life (Live Acoustic)
  22. I'm Dying Tomorrow (Live)