Contributed by ILOVESCOTT, Posted by Equal Vision

This past September, Equal Vision act YouInSeries announced two changes in their lineup. The band had this to say about the change:

I guess there is no easy way to come out with this, so I'm taking the straight foward route in sharing the latest YouInSeries news with you. Logan Lanning and Cheyne Smith will no longer be playing with the band due to creative conflicts and they will be pursuing new artistic endeavors together. They will be missed and we support their decisions as we commonly agree that this is what needs to happen in order for YouInSeries to move foward. That being said, the remaining members (Kyle, Jacob, and Chris) are in the process of trying out new faces in order to fill the two spots. We are working as fast as we can to get back out to all of you and hopefully we will see one another sooner than later. Thanks to everyone for your support through this rough batch. Thank you.

The band released Outside We Are Fine earlier this year.