by In The Red

It seems that conflict among former tourmates aren't limited to the screamo scene (or whatever you call it). Montreal garage duo the The King Khan and BBQ Show have reported that they were kicked off their fall tour with the Detroit Cobras. Khan posted the following:

Hello children of the revolution….
we got a phone call a few hours ago from the tour manager of the cobras… he said that they are sick of us and dont want us to continue the tour…. the reason? we missed one show in birmingham cuz our tire popped and it took too long to get it fixed for the show. and then we cancelled one show in florida tonight because our vocal chords are blown out and we needed a day of rest… were the cobras reprimanded for cancelling all sorts of canadian dates and fucking US over? no… these money-grubbing fuckers just dont want the east coast to see us… it's not our fault that we blew away these back-stabbers every night…. what a waste. we have decided to keep the battle going and will book our own shows up the east coast cuz i have to go home to my kids with some dough that was stolen out of my hands by adult babies with broken egos… so all in all please boycott these criminals (who asked us to come on this fuckin tour) and stay tuned in the next few days for an update of our NEW shows….fuck rock star fuckbags…. DEATH CULT UNITE….. beware the soulless vermin….
lots of love and fun
king bamalama khan

The King Khan and BBQ Show are supporting their new In The Red Records release What's For Dinner?. The duo features alumni of Montreal garage punk acts the Spaceshits and Les Sexareenos. BBQ, otherwise known as Mark Sultan, also recently released the debut full length from his punk band Mind Controls via Dirtnap.