All-American Rejects have announced plans to take a break for at least a year after they wrap up their current touring schedule. The band's frontman Tyson Ritter told Billboard:

I think its gonna be another year before anybody hears from us again. I think the world needs to take a breath away from the All-American Rejects, I think people make mistakes by coming back too quick. If you don't disappear and you're always in the spotlight, then you're just another Britney Spears, y'know?"

During the off-time, Ben Weasel's favorite band will be working on some side projects. Though Ritter doesn't specify which, it's possible we'll be hearing more material from the hardcore/metal side-project These Enzymes which includes Chris Gaynor and Mike Kennerty of the band.

Last, Ritter is planning to work on his clothing line Butter but adds:

I want it to grow naturally don't want it to be completely whored-out like Clandestine from [Fall Out Boy's] Pete Wentz.

The band released Move Along in 2005.