by Editors' Picks

Chris: I love me some good ska, but my definition of it tends to vary. I don't rock the the skinny ties or wear suits to shows, but I dig pretty much every style and every era, even the dreaded "3rd wave" (to a certain extent). Though commonly known as "the band with members from Rx Bandits and Link 80", Satori offers much more than simply an extension of their previous endeavors. Combining the elements of early ska with dub and reggae, the end result is a relaxed and fun sound, which will appeal to almost anyone. The band has posted the track "Deeper" on their MySpace page from an upcoming album, though it's only listed for a UK and Japan release at this time.

Satori - "Deeper" Justin: More music with acoustic guitars and former beardcore singers. RJ spent some time in my favorites One Reason before he set up shop in Austin and started strumming his acoustic guitar as Saw Wheel. While his first few releases found him strumming that guitar (or banjo) at lightning speed, sounding as much like a punk without an amp as a hillbilly with a love for HWM he's been steadily moving towards a fuller sound. The newest track he's got up for download is called "Call It Home" and sees him hitting his stride as a songwriter, moving farther away from his punk roots and further into the realm of straight up porch-sittin' country music. This track sees him stretching his vocal range a bit more while increasing the varied instrumentation as well. If this is what we've got to expect from his upcoming album then I doubt any past fan will be disappointed.

Saw Wheel - "Call It Home"