Contributed by iconoclast, Posted by G7 Welcoming Committee

The deathly serious political activists at G7 Welcoming Committee Records have launched an equally serious digital service selling the label's entire catalogue in unrestricted MP3 format. The tracks are available at the maximum bitrate (320kbps) and albums range from $4.99 - $9.99.

The label struggled with a name for the service explaining:

Announcing iShit: the G7 Welcoming Committee Records Download Store.

Just kidding! It's not really called iShit. It actually doesn't have a name, other than "the G7 Welcoming Committee Records Download Store." We played around with some ideas for names, like "iPoliticallyRadicalTunes" or "eRevolutionaryActivistMusic", but they were already trademarked by Victory Records.

You can expect to have you digital downloading urges quenched here.