G7 Welcoming Committee

G7 Welcoming Committee


"G7 was started in early 1997 by Chris and Jord of Propagandhi (along with their friend Regal). The goal was to create a label that politically radical bands and speakers could unflinchingly support and call home; where the driving force behind the label's output was social change and radical thought; and where the structure of the organization didn't contradict itself by mimicking the structures of unbalanced power and hierarchy in the profit-driven corporate world.

The collective structure of G7 (presently Chris, Lorna and Derek) is inspired by a long history of anarchist tradition, and the contemporary vision of ParEcon (Participatory Economics). This proposed economic system holds solidarity, equity, diversity, and participatory self-management as its underlying values.

As a rogue independent media outlet, our goal is to spread the word, as it were, on radical politics through music, words, and other weapons of mass sonic destruction, while maintaining the right to rock out to good tunes at the same time."

excerpted from http://www.g7welcomingcommittee.com/collective/