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Popular Christian alt-rock act Switchfoot recently recorded a live acoustic cover of Bad Religion's "Sorrow." The choice of song by a religious band is an interesting one and not just because it's a Bad Religion song. Writer Brett Gurewitz told us about the origins of the song:

It's the story of Job from the Old Testament. Job was the most righteous man in the world. The devil said to God "these people are basically bad" and god said "Well no."

The devil said "Give me one example" and god said "Look at Job, he's a righteous man." The devil said that he could corrupt him like any man, and they made a wager. And that was god's way of rewarding the one righteous man on the planet. That was god turning his back on the one man who was good and righteous. That's not god, that's religion.

That's an example of how detestable religion is. What is the lesson there?