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HORSE the Band have let us know they'll be heading out on a short Mexican tour next year:

since we wanted to expand our knowledge of the topography of north america, already having done in depth studies in the USA and canada, we decided to do a mexico tour to see new landforms and biomes and watch the land change before our eyes.

we realized there are a lot of mexicans out there and there's no reason for us to not play shows there. we understand the reason for other bands to not play shows there, that is because they are all huge pussies who probably couldnt even GET shows in mexico even if their management made them tour there.

The band has also posted their Ninja Turtle cover online and are "trying to get it on the new movie." You can check out the song on MySpace.

Jan 6 2007Box UndergroundTijuana, Mexico
Mar 4 2007Orvieto World BeatCiudad Juarez, Mexico
Mar 8 2007Bar Deja VuSan Luis Potosi, Mexico
Mar 9 2007FbolkoGuadalajara, Mexico
Mar 10 20077° pisoMexico City, Mexico
Mar 11 2007McMullen's Irish PubMonterrey, Mexico