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HORSE the band is five stellar gods running from a haunted past they can't possibly forget. Formed on the mean streets of Sonoma wine valley after the birth of the new millenium the members of HORSE began to create their exotic sound to fight the past and create the future.

HORSE the band consists of Nathan the tormented poet beast on vocals, David the hyper–intelligent lover on guitar, Erik the child–like wizard of keyboards, Eli the cuddly smut–peddling gourmet on drums and Dash the gritty urban barbarian on bass.

HORSE the band's music has won them many accolades for energy and originality. Often referred to as 'nintendo–core' because of their spastic and glorious brutality they prefer to strike out and create their own unique sounds each time they manifest their powers. Among their many achievements HORSE was listed as one of Alternative Press' Top 100 Bands to Watch in 2005. One thing is for certain – You will love them or you will pretend not to, but in the end you can not deny their prowess.
HORSE the Band

HORSE the Band (Part 1)

HORSE the Band

HORSE the Band (Part 2)

HORSE the Band

HORSE The Band