by Island

Canadian pop-punk superstars Sum 41 have posted an update from the studio as they work on their next full length. The sessions will form the first album from the band without founding guitarist Dave Baksh who left in May.

The band explained the rigid production schedule that major labels require them to adhere to:

Today was the last day in the studio before we take our Christmas break. We have finished all the drums, guitars and bass for the album. We're going to take a break now until the new year. Then I will start singing all 20 songs we recorded. It's been going amazing so far. Stevo and Cone did an such an amazing job. We're three quarters of the way finished the album now. But there's still a lot of work ahead.

As always we'll keep you updated as much as we can. Also keep checking back here to see our new online tv show Road to Ruin. It will be up very soon.

Besides the update, the band posted their cover of the Misfits classic, "Attitude" and you can check that out here. The band released Chuck in 2004.