by Iron Pier

Iron Pier the record label is hinting they will release new material from three bands all new to their roster/catalog: Dearly Departed, End of a Year, and Dirty Looks.

Long Island, NY-based indie rock act Dearly Departed reformed in Feb. 2006 and will release a new full-length on the label, following up 2004's One Day Savior effort, Believing in Ghosts. You can check out some of the songs on the band's MySpace page.

Revelation Records' End of a Year will drop a new 7", following up on two full-lengths released in 2006: Sincerely (the Revelation release) and Disappear Here (released three months prior on OneOhFive).

San Francisco, CA's Dirty Looks (whose Geocities site I just basically crashed by visiting it) will release a new 7" on the label. The band will also be releasing a split 7" this year with Bossy on Salinas Records.