Justin: Tsunami Bomb's demise had little to no effect on me - while nearly always competent the band always seemed to lack a "hook" aside from Ms. Whitehurst's voice. Born from their ashes are three bands, one of which has caught my fancy. Nothington may claim San Francisco as home now, but their sound is a blending of Social Distortion-esque punk rock and the gruff of Gainesville's finest. Today's song, graciously offered up for this feature by BYO, features driving guitar and extremely gruff lead vocals set against a bit of a "southern" backdrop. "Going Home" is an upbeat, yet melancholic salute to traveling, moving and of course a love left behind. It also features guest vocals by the aforementioned female vocalist in the chorus, fleshing out an already impressive sound while fitting the ouvre of the song perfectly. I think the fans of Ann Beretta, Social Distortion and the Street Dogs' more introspective moments would be into this.

Nothington - "Going Home"