Via an Anonymous Source, Posted by Nitro

Much The Same have announced that they were involved in a van accident yesterday:

Thursday afternoon, while driving west on I-90 on the way to Seattle, we lost control of our van and trailer and ran off the road. The trailer hit a tree and ripped part of the frame from our van, which then slid on two wheels head on into another tree, which then spun us around and flipped the van on its side. Miraculously, we're all pretty much okay, with just a couple aches and bruises. Unfortunately the van and trailer were not so lucky and are both completely wrecked…

The band has set up a Paypal account for anyone willing to help get them back on their feet. You can find the donation button and a few pictures in their blog.

We've decided that if we can, we'll buy a new van and trailer and continue the tour as soon as we can, probably picking it up in Santa Cruz or Bakersfield. From what we know now, even if the insurance does cover the accident it will not cover the trailer, putting us a few thousand dollars in debt even if the gear is okay, which we haven't been able to check yet.

I personally hate to ask this of our fans and friends, but we simply don't have the money to keep going this way (on this tour or future ones) without some help to get us out of this hole. I've set up a Paypal donation button for anyone who can spare anything, even if it's just $1, which can be paid by credit card or online check. We appreciate anything you can do to help, we would never ask if it wasn't our only option.