You Say Party! We Say Die!
by Paper Bag

CBC Radio 3 is reporting that energetic Vancouver dance-punk quintet You Say Party! We Say Die! have signed with Toronto indie powerhouse Paper Bag Records (home to the Deadly Snakes, FemBots, Tokyo Police Club and Controller.Controller). The band's second album and Paper Bag debut is entitled Lose All Time and will hit stores in Canada on April 10th. The group was a subject to a bidding war that included V2 and Mint among others.

YSP! hit a wall in late 2006 when the band was issued a 5 year ban on entering the United States. The band was denied US work permits for a west coast tour with Thunderbirds Are Now because authorities felt the shows would not be bringing in sufficient income. The band faked a recording contract in order to cross the border, but their ruse was caught and the lie cost them permission to cross until 2011. The incident has of course sidelined many of the band's US plans, including a rumored deal with FrenchKiss Records.