Boston imposes 11pm curfew for people under 21
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Taking a page from Washington D.C. and going a step further, the City of Boston has imposed a curfew on everyone under 21. The end result, according to some, is to effectively shut down most of the scene in that city.

Patricia A. Malone, director of the city's office of consumer affairs and license, sent clubs a letter Tuesday, explaining the measure was intended to stamp out "noise and disruption." Of course, the law stemmed from the same premise as the Washington D.C. law in that it is ostensibly a response to a violent crime which claimed the life of a bouncer last month.

One booking agent commented:

A lot of bands are either under-age or have under-age fans, so a lot of people get shut out. It's killing the scene.

Despite isolated incidents, Boston is known for a vibrant, diverse and influential music scene, spawning such nationally known acts as Dropkick Murphys, The Explosion, Big D and the Kids Table, Pixies, Cave In and many more.

Update: To clarify, the curfew only specifically applies to venues that feature "live music or DJs" so people under 21 are still free to be outside of the house.