I love writing record reviews. If it wasn't for labels sending me way too many things that I've never heard of asking for reviews, I never would've stumbled across Motion City Soundtrack. MCS is a 4-piece rock outfit from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Minneapolis seems to be a breeding ground for great music, whether it be hard-as-nails punk [Dillinger 4] or over the top, so-cheesy-it's-good pop [The Stereo]. MCS walk the fine line in between both of these. On 2000's "Back To The Beat" EP [a review of which can be found on this site right here], this band showed the world [or whomever was listening, at least] that there is a lot of fun to be had up in the northern Midwest, and they were at the forefront of this. Combining all the best parts of the Get Up Kids, The Stereo, and maybe a pinch of Harvey Danger [don't knock 'em, they fucking destroy] and filtering out any overt cheeziness that comes with the nasty "emo-pop" tag, these boys rock and rock hard. This MP3 proves it:
Motion City Soundtrack - Capital H
Listen to that song and tell me that this band is *not* having a fucking blast. Exactly. You'll be singing this song in your sleep, kids. In any matter, the band has finally tacked down a permanent drummer and plans on touring their asses off come 2002. Until then, they'll be doing a few shows here and there, so keep an eye out, or just go to their webpage. Make sure to tell 'em Scott and Punknews.org sent you.
UPDATE: I just saw on MCS's webpage that they have 2 new demo tracks available for download. I got both of them, and they smoke. Go check them out: www.team-mcs.com