by Editors' Picks

Adam: It's been such a treat to watch the Ponys grow, as each album has taken the band's sound tastefully evolved it. The band's still deeply indebted to bands like Television, Richard Hell, the Velvet Underground and the Cure, not to mention a dash of shoegaze, but they've come into their own so organically. The band's made the jump from brilliant garage punk label In The Red to the big indies with Matador, and look set to release Turn The Lights Out on March 20th.

The Ponys - Double Vision Justin: I reviewed their new EP this week and really feel the need to drive home the point even more. Go listen to inblackandwhite. While not entirely groundbreaking, this Boston-based band is one of the more interested post-hardcore bands to surface of late. As much about relaxed droning grooves as they are about "angular" (does anyone else hate that term?) guitar playing, the band wears their influences on their sleeves, never letting us forget those mid-era Fugazi and Frodus records, as well as the more driving rhythms of Hot Water Music and Small Brown Bike. The band was gracious enough to let us host the fourth track from Say We Are Not Brothers for download today:

inblackandwhite - "The Tundra Calls Us Home"