Ben Weasel, the outspoken frontman of Screeching Weasel has announced his new label, Mendota Recording Co. The label will only handle digital releases, a decision which Ben explained:

After having used iTunes for a couple of years I found I wasn't buying CDs anymore - I realized that all my music purchases were now made online. I started asking myself why no small independent labels were taking advantage of digital technology to help them compete against the big guys.

It seemed to me that if you dropped physical product, you'd immediately put yourself in the best position to release great music by the best bands without having to spend most of your time worrying about the financial bottom line. In literal DIY fashion, I did it myself, and I put my money where my mouth was by making my first release my own album, "These Ones Are Bitter."

As for the future, I intend to continue to release the best music that the underground melodic rock scene has to offer.

While the label's official website doesn't have too much information at present, the ubiquotous myspace page includes some additional information, including the demo policy.

The label isn't Ben's first, with his previous being the short-lived, but much loved Panic Button. That label released a series of pop-punk albums by acts including The Lillingtons, Common Rider, The Dollyrots and of course, Screeching Weasel.

Update: Words has come in that the label's official website is now up and running.