Benefit compilation announced for Callum Robbins with Jawbreaker, Mission of Burma, Engine Down
Contributed by aubin, Posted by Charities

In continued support for J. Robbin's (producer, former member of Jawbox) son Callum, and the unfortunate condition he was born with, Catlick Records will be releasing a 2-CD benefit compilation to help with the overwhelming costs to the Robbins' family for Callum's treatments. Included in the compilation will be contributions from Mission of Burma, Joe Lally, Pilot to Gunner, Engine Down, and a demo version of "I Love You So Much It's Killing Us Both" from Jawbreaker.

Since originally announced, support has come for Callum from many sources including limited edition t-shirts, charity auctions, a a first and second benefit show in Chicago, and most recently not just one but but two reunion shows scheduled to feature defunct post-punk outfit the Dismemberment Plan.

All proceeds from the compilation will go directly to helping the Robbins family continue to get Callum the treatment he needs. You can purchase the CD here

1. All the Way Rider - Luxembourg
2. Arcwelder - The Hope (demo)
3. Careers In Modeling - Acorn
4. Chad - English Girl
5. Channels - Cast Away
6. E. Fowlkes Sextet - Rory Corrigan
7. Engine 88 - Get Off
8. Engine Down - Your Suit
9. Eternals - Rawar Style
10. Gordonovich - Au Revoir (Char's Garden)
11. David Grubbs - A Dream to Help Me Sleep
12. Halloween, Alaska - Halloween (remix)
13. The Icy Shores - Backseat
14. Imaginary Johnny - Little Dimes
15. Jawbreaker - I Love You So Much It’s Killing Us Both (demo)
16. Kingfield - Penny
17. Bryan Knisley - Madeline
18. Joe Lally - Mistaken Identity
19. Life and Times - Catching Crumbs
20. Maritime - Tearing up the Oxygen
21. Medications - Domestic Animals
22. Bill Mike - Secure
23. The Million - Waterfront (demo)
24. Mission of Burma - N.S.U.
25. Travis Morrison - Represent
26. Drew O’Doherty - You’ll Believe A Man Can Fly
27. The Oranges Band - Operator
28. Pilot to Gunner - All the Lights
29. Roh Delikat - Ant Overthrow
30. Self-Evident - World As a Verb
31. The Spectaculars - Dopasetic