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Looks like Wes Eisold of Give Up The Ghost/Some Girls is not the only writer claiming that multi-platinum pop-punk act Fall Out Boy is guilty of plagarism. According to The Philadelphia Inquirer, Nicholas Hans of defunct Philadelphia hardcore band, Knives Out, is claiming that a lyric in Fall Out Boy's album From Under The Cork Tree is a based on a shirt they used previously.

The line in question comes from the track " Our Lawyer Made Us Change The Name Of This Song So We Wouldn't Get Sued" from their major label debut, From Under The Cork Tree. The line in question:

It's just past eight and I'm feeling young and reckless
The ribbon on my wrist says, "Do not open before Christmas."

Knives Out had a t-shirt depicting a hand with a ribbon around the wrist saying "Do Not Open Until Christmas". The band, who was signed to Deathwish, released Heartburn in 2002.

Hans is reportedly in talks with a lawyer to determine his options.