Justin: If, like me, you though that the last New Amsterdams release contained a few too many instruments "plugged in" then I've got the cure for you. As musicians get older they tend to spawn, creating smaller, cuddlier versions of themselves. I've always assumed that most band members probably write a song or two at some point for their offspring but not much of ever sees the light of day. Matt Pryor (of Get Up Kids fame) has written and recorded a full album of these songs under the moniker of the Terrible Twos, many of them reminding me of the first couple New Amsterdams releases with their simplicity - often times sparse arrangements featuring Pryor and a guitar and possible one other backing instrument. "Grumpy Bug" is such a song, begging his daughter (the Bug in question) to sleep. It's as desperate as any of the tracks he's recorded throughout his long career yet still sounds so sweet and tender. I guess as musicians get older, they find new things to write about (thankfully) so we continue to get to hear new material that has the same passion as the songs written when they were 21 and in love for the first time.

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