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While there have been many, many essays and articles written about Nirvana's generation defining Nevermind, it's fairly safe to say that there hasn't been a lot of modern dance based on it.

That is, of course, until the Spectrum Dance Theatre took on the classic album in a two night choreographed dance performance.

Set to the music of the album, the piece, titled Never-Mind presents images from Kurt Cobain's life; images of drug addiction, sexual confusion, fame and suicide. The cast, dressed in what the Seattle Times calls "spot-on grunge-rock costumes" perform the piece as directed by Donald Byrd.

Byrid explained his vision:

One of the things I was struck by was how many contradictions there were in the music, from the sweet and tender to the loud and angry. There's the big loud rock that grew out of the punk movement, and then there's the sweet kind of introspective side.

I was in L.A. during the punk era, a bit earlier, so I knew that style. Then it kind of mutated when it moved up to the Northwest. They have an emotional and theatrical quality that I'm very excited and inspired by. So it's not just abstract dancing. They are engaged like human beings.

There are currently no photos of the performance on the company's website, but they should eventually appear here.