Justin: Chris Clavin has an alternative identity to his already alternative identity! For those "not in the know," Chris has been recording and playing shows as Captain Chaos for a couple of years when not crooning with Hannah in Ghost Mice. Fall of the West just posted a new mp3 from the last CC album, "A Bike For Two." Now, I know that this isn't the most groundbreaking song. One guy and a guitar with a fairly rudimentary set of chords and some mildly out of tune vocals. I just like songs about bikes, songs about people and songs that have a sense of melancholy running through them. There's just something incredibly sad about the idea of a broken tandem bike and how easy it is to compare to a relationship.

Stream "A Bike For Two" at FOTW's MySpace page Adam: Vancouver rockers Ladyhawk have been my graced this column once before, but I'll shamelessly double-dip for bands as good as this. The group recently announced an EP with a May release date on JagJaguwar titled Fight For Anarchy. Now hold your eye rolls, for despite a title typical of Exploited-clones this is anything but. Ladyhawk continue to roll out rootsy, chilled-out rock with great hooks. The track "War" is up for download now. You can of course catch the group this month on the western leg of the Constantines / Jon-Rae and the River tour.

Ladyhawk - "War"