Via an Anonymous Source, Posted by Nitro

More bad news for Much The Same fans. The Chicago-area skate punks have canceled their upcoming Canadian gigs with Mute and Hope due to vehicle troubles. Drummer Jevin posted:

It seriously pains me to announce this but our van is fucked. our brakes are fucked, and as we were about to leave for canada we realized this, and we have no money to get things fixed. My sincere apologies to everyone who was planning on seeing us. Apologies to Mute and Hope, both great bands. Go and see those guys play if you have a chance. Ever since we got back from Europe it seems like everything has turned against us. bah.

The band recently parted ways with vocalist Chris "Gunner" McGrath, picking up Jared from Counterpunch as a temporary replacement singer. The band released Survive in 2006 via Nitro.