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Wii-core act HORSE the Band has levelled a heavy accusation against popular Irish rock act Snow Patrol, claiming that the band plagiarized their video for "Birdo" in the concept for their new video for "Signal Fire" from the Spider-man 3 soundtrack.

It's probably best to let them explain:

OK so we were watching TV last night and this Snow Patrol video for Spiderman 3 comes up, and we're watching it, and all of a sudden things start to seem very similar to our video for Birdo, which we shot in like 2005. Everything from the opening shot to the Asian audience members to the faces the band makes to the action scenes between the kids. And way more. It's like some dude saw the video and made a a $500,000 version of it.

So Snow Patrol is now at the top of the hit list, in front of even Chiodos. Cause Chiodos can think of their own ideas, but they are just bad ones. But Snow Patrol COPIED a really bad idea

Here is their myspace. What they didnt know when they copied us is that we have the largest legion of insane retards (and I mean that in the most endearing way possible) at our disposal in the world. That is you guys. Make me proud! Fuck them up like it's Chiodos with two singers.

Don't believe them?

In case you can't figure out which is which, highlight the following for the answers:

The top one is Horse the Band, the bottom one is Snow Patrol.