Goldfinger posts new song for animal activist Kevin Kjonaas
Contributed by jcaetano1, Posted by Side One Dummy

Goldfinger has posted a new track in advance of their upcoming full length. The track details the case of animal rights activist Kevin Kjonaas. Kjonaas, along with six activists, was arrested in 2004 for violating the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act. The law is loosely worded and according to Kevin:

The law states that whoever uses a facility in interstate commerce to physically disrupt an animal enterprise is guilty of a federal offense. The government has alleged that [by] having a website, [we] crossed state lines for the purpose of shutting down HLS. The goal of shutting HLS would be a physical disruption and anyone who participated in this campaign is guilty of conspiracy.

According to Kevin, the act of protesting itself is forbidden under this new law. He notes:

I didn't go anywhere, touch anything, hurt anyone, steal anything, or break anything. My crime, according to the government, was my speech.

For more information on his case, you can visit Support Kevin. You can check out the song itself on Goldfinger's myspace page.

The band is also planning a benefit show for Kevin, and that will take place May 10th at the Knitting Factory. A myspace page for the event has more details.