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After many stories about "guyliner" and vanity projects, it looks like Fall Out Boy will take advantage of their hefty media profile to do some good.

The band recently told MTV about plans to visit Uganda to bring awareness to the plight of displaced children in the Central African nation, which for more than two decades has been suffering from a bloody civil war.

The band's spokesman Pete Wentz explained:

The craziest thing I learned from working with people at Invisible Children is that if we sent one senior policy advisor to Northern Uganda, the potential for ending the war there [increases], And it hasn't happened. If everyone writes in to their congressmen, it's something we can actually do.

Labelmates Thrice were early supporters of the organization. They discovered the charity while working on the video for "Image of the Invisible." Wwhile the video was based on the fictional French film, it brought to the band's attention the plight of the children of Uganda, many of whom are kidnapped from their parents and forced to serve in the rebel armies currently in conflict with the government of the country.